VCU Surgical Weight Loss Center
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The Team For Surgical Weight Loss

The VCU Surgical Weight Loss Center's Program is unique in its approach to the care of the morbidly obese patient. Our multi-disciplinary, team approach enables us to meet the needs of our patients on many different levels, improving patient satisfaction and patient care.

The Surgeons:
Dr. Guilherme M. Rocha Campos
Dr. Gretchen Aquilina
Dr. Jennifer Salluzzo

The Bariatric Fellow 2015-2016:
Dr. Sameer Alrefai, Advanced GI Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Bariatric Nurse Coordinator:
Jill Meador, RN, BSN

The Nurse Practitioner:
Natasha Clingempeel, NP

The Statistician:
Luke Wolfe, MS

The Psychologist:
Mary Ellen Olbrisch, Ph.D

The Dietitian:
Sally Wimberley, RD, LDN