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Mission & History

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Center promotes the advancement of patient care through education, research and development of laparoscopic skills and procedures.


    • Enhance health care delivery, diagnosis, and treatment through collaboration with, and integration of minimally invasive surgical techniques.
    • Establish technologically advanced laparoscopic surgery skills through educational practice and training.
    • Develop clinical practice guidelines that use proven techniques to standardize care and apply best practices to minimize complications and hasten hospital discharge.
    • Establish credentialing guidelines.

In 1995, VCU Medical Center, recognizing the growing need for less painful surgical approaches that were easier on the patient and allowed earlier return to full activities, opened the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center.

Dedicated to patient care, education, and research, the MIS Center promotes constant innovation and excellence through a cross-fertilization of ideas among physicians, nurses, hospital administrators and engineers. The MIS Center has recently been recognized by SAGES as one of the early testing centers for the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery certification.


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